About Us

TPS Nutrients™ was built for you, by us, because we believed change was needed in the fertilizer and nutrient industry. The old methods were just that, old. We hope you find our products and guiding compass as compelling as we do. Welcome to TPS.


The idea for something new blossomed in early 2015 from the commitment of a small group of growers and thinkers who wanted fertilizer and plant nutrient products made differently while bringing new, cutting-edge technology and methods to the industry.

Our research and development began immediately and we failed enough to make sure when we finally got it right, we got it right the right way and did it all on our own.


In 2016 TPS became official and has since completed testing and the launch of a complete line of plant fertilizers, supplements, and soil treatments a few times over. We're now on version 2.5 of our plant lifecycle products and supplements and will continue to research and develop so you have the greatest and latest of everything to make your garden, lawn, plants, trees, etc. the best they can be.

All of our products we make ourselves and we promise to keep the quality top-notch so what you get is always top-notch.

- The TPS Team

PS: if you're interested in a custom formulation for your business or specific gardening needs please reach out. We love a good challenge!