Canopy Boost


Amazingly effective foliar spray.

Canopy Boost is a foliar-fed carbon and magnesium complex. It boosts photosynthesis by penetrating foliar surfaces and delivering organic acids directly into plant cells, resulting in lush green and healthy canopies.


Essential nourishment for lush green canopies.

The core of Canopy Boost is a proprietary form of magnesium, chelated with fermented organic acids and complexed with extracts of 11 plants. Bioavailable magnesium is the element plants rely on to capture sunlight to grow.

Designed with Auxins for root development.

Embedded in the Canopy Boost formula is a highly specific kelp extract which contains foliar absorbable Auxin rooting hormones, when you spray your plants leaves your plant gets signals to grow new roots.

Highly cost effective nutrition.