TPS Nutrients

Starter Kit.
Everything you need to start growing.
$149.99 $99.99

What's Included?

Bloom Nutrients

Flowering food for robust bud and fruit formation.
Signal 16 Oz

TPS Nutrients

Terpene enhancer.
16oz Bloom Bottle

TPS Nutrients


Big and dense harvests.

Veg Nutrients

Additives for younger plants before blooming.
16oz N-Primer Bottle

TPS Nutrients

Slow release nitrogen.
8oz Root Boost Bottle

TPS Nutrients

Root Boost
Vibrant white rooting systems.
8oz Canopy Boost Bottle

TPS Nutrients

Canopy Boost
Foliar spray for lush canopies.

Lifecycle Nutrients

The basic building blocks of a hefty harvest.
Base AB Quart Bottles

TPS Nutrients

Base AB

Foundational nutrition.


TPS Nutrients

Silica Gold

Structural support.

CalMag OAC 16oz

TPS Nutrients

CalMag OAC

Essential micronutrients.

How to Use The Starter Kit

Add nutrients to feed water.
Adjust pH to 5.5-6.5.
Water your plants.

Starter Kit General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.

Component Series Feed Chart

Click button below for media and plant specific feed charts.

All feed charts
I am extremely impressed with this nutrient set. it comes with everything your plants will need from seed to harvest!
I bought books, searched online for information on which products were the best to buy and settled on TPS due to their system package price and charts.
Theresa Waack
If you’re looking for a professional company and good results I would definitely recommend buying these nutrients.
Palm Springs Butterfly
Works better then the competitors!!! Plants are 2 weeks early and extremely happy!!
Clayton R
Def ready to try TPS out if the nutes are anything like their customer service they will be great.
Andrew Johnson
Works great.. same results as heavy 16 1/2 the price!
Nicholas Cerbone

Frequently Asked Questions

Comp Kit Box

TPS Nutrients

Starter Kit.
Everything you need to start growing.
$149.99 $99.99