A nitrogen pipeline for your roots.

N-Primer is an enhanced nitrogen complex that delivers slow-release nutrition. N-Primer stays close to root hairs and resists run-off, creating a reliable and consistent source of nitrogen to feed plants and sustain their vigorous growth. All while preventing leaf tip burn.


Grow lush and ultra dark green canopies.

N-Primer contains stable large particle nitrogen sources paired with one specific microbe that is meant to break down those large particles.  Those smaller bite sized chelated particles are then slowly fed to your plants roots. The result is the darkest canopy you've ever had.

Designed with Auxins for root development.

The core of N-Primer is a carbohydrate and organic acid matrix derived from 7 species of plants. This matrix stimulates microbial activity by providing carbon as a fuel source. N-Primer sustains beneficial microbial populations at the same time that it protects nitrogen supplies in the soil, resulting in healthy and stable vegetative growth.

Highly cost effective nutrition.