One. Part.


The only liquid one-part from veg to bloom.

Years of research, technological improvements, and advanced chemistry have culminated in this first of its kind nutrient system, and it’s all in one bottle.


TPS One™ is fueled by a groundbreaking microbially aided mineral delivery system we call MARS™ (Microbe Aided Release System).

Robust Growth


From multiple forms of nitrogen for growth to bioavailable phosphorus paired with microbes for rooting, TPS One™ supports healthy plants and soil.

Powerful Blooms

Four forms of potassium and three forms of phosphorus for both short term and sustained absorption.  TPS One™ was engineered to front load P+K in early bloom to accelerate bud onset, then to sustain peak bulking and flower hardening.


Micros, Microbes, and More


More than just NPK. A complete source of CalMag, Micronutrients,
Mycorrhizae, and plant extracts.

"Unbelievable. All we use now in the garden is T-One and H&G Shooting Powder and we’re getting Amazing results."
- Egan from Grass Valley, CA

"We are blown away at how fast they have developed buds and they are literally covered in buds."

- Heather from Matagorda, TX

“I used it on my outdoor plants grown in Ocean Forest soil, I just added this one nutrient with a little bit of TPS Signal in late bloom and my plants are as big and healthy as ever.”

- Lance from Ellensburg, WA

TPS One™ is used by hobbiest growers to commercial behemoths, beacuse it's easy to use and yields consistent results.

Any size to fit your production.


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