Promotes terpene synthesis.

Signal is a potassium-based electrolyte solution that increases flower density and hardness. It enhances terpene and cannabinoid synthesis and supplies the essential forms of potassium that plants depend on to uptake water and keep their metabolic rates elevated during the late stages of bloom.


From Mono-Terpenes to Sesqui-Terpenes.

Signal was designed to promote the breaking down of
mono-terpenes into sesqui-terpenes in mid to late stage bloom plants. It does this with a highly mobile potassium signalling compound paired with carboxylic and phenolic acids from plant extracts.

Rich with sugar esters and phenolic acid compounds.

Signal also contains a proprietary sugar glycoside and phenolic acid complex that is derived from 17 species of plants, which fuels the production of aromatic and colorful compounds.

Highly cost effective nutrition.