Exacting Plant Nutrition

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TPS One™
 ... and done.

One part,
from Veg to Bloom.

TPS Component Series

Exacting nutrition.
Scaleable price.


Cost Effective + Practical

We don't have 5 products that do the same thing. Each product offered achieves a targeted function and incorporates desirable properties like surfactants and chelated minerals. This saves you time and money when it comes time to feed your plants.

Systems Thinking

Our products are designed to improve processes within the growing environment. These processes are often an interrelated system and can be leveraged.

Organic Inputs

We use organic inputs wherever possible and seek out input materials that come from renewable sources.

Support Research

Buying products from us means you are directly funding our operations. We are devoted to using our resources to do more research, develop better products, and eventually find the most optimized nutrition delivery vehicles possible.

Cutting Edge + In-House

Based by Seattle, the heart of technological progress, we develop formulas that apply cutting edge research in plant biochemistry. We are not a white label manufactured by big box pesticide companies---all of our nutrients are manufactured by hand, in-house.

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